New features in 2017!


We have an exciting year ahead so we would like to update everyone with what we have recently introduced. 

In February 2017, we released a number of exciting features and websites as follows:

1. Ammado Philanthropy Academy [NEW website open for registrations]

We continued work on the Ammado Philanthropy Academy website at The site comprises the ability to register for an academy program, purchase donation gift cards, present multiple defined category pages with optional company branding, and allows for the redemption of donation gift cards. The site also features videos from nonprofit partners.

For February, we completed the website and it is now open for registrations! 


2. World Fundraisers updates

We now allow members to create world fundraisers - so now all our users (Members, Companies & Nonprofits) are now presented with the option to start a normal fundraiser or a world fundraiser.


We also now allow for World Fundraisers to be created with more than 30 beneficiaries. The number that we now accept is limited only in that each nonprofit must be from a separate country (except for the default nonprofit). The restriction of 30 nonprofits still applies to “normal fundraisers” i.e. those split by percentage.




3. API updates

We extended the existing donorCountryCode parameter (used for giftAid) in the /donate endpoint ( to select the relevant nonprofit from a country in a world fundraiser - if it exists. If there is no nonprofit from the country of the donor in the World Fundraiser, then the default nonprofit is selected.

The problem we solve with this is if someone wants to build a donation experience based on the API and let people donate to a world fundraiser, how would the world-fundraiser mechanism work? 

So we now cater for something like the following:

  1. A form on a website lets a person select a country
  2. Everyone donates to the same world fundraiser
  3. Based on the country selection, our API would select the relevant nonprofit from that country - if it exists in that world fundraiser; otherwise default nonprofit is selected

We also now allow API keyholders to view whether we are paying nonprofits by EFT or not. We enhanced the /beneficiary/id and /search endpoints to include additional information about nonprofits - specifically to return back in the response the "acceptsEFT" value.


Finally, we extended the /giftcards/{bookCode} endpoint to return the count of "available" gift cards left in a gift card book.

By the way, we updated the design of our API documentation page on The new design/style of the API documentation is split into responsive columns - one for the index of links, one for the content and one for the code snippets. If you have any comments about this update, we'd love to hear them.




4. Email enhancements for nonprofits 

In the first task, we now filter emails to nonprofits to display only the number of “captured” donations and not authorized ones. We had noticed that some nonprofits were receiving notifications that they received donations - and then those donations were subsequently cancelled by our payment provider WorldPay. We also updated the template with an "unsubscribe" option as well to allow nonprofits/fundraiser moderators to opt out of receiving such emails.

We also updated our invitations to ensure that messages entered into fundraiser invitations to account holders is included in email notifications. The messages display in both invitations to be a member and invitations to be a moderator.


5. Donations Statements search enhanced

We have vastly improved our search and filtering in donations statements for fundraisers and nonprofits. Check out yours now and let us know what you think!


6. Articles & blog posts enhanced!

We have improved our articles in a number of ways - we have a new option for displaying a "landing page" article, which essentially shows as full page. We also worked on applying a responsive behaviour to images displaying within articles.

The "landing page" articles can now act as campaign promotional pages and the mobile experience is not hindered by the display of crammed images.


7. Payments updates

Important note for nonprofits registered in Australia: the SWIFT/BIC code is now mandatory.

We will retain the BSB code as an optional field for nonprofits from Australia.






That's all for now! 

We are working hard on a new donation widget and lots more beside. If you have a suggestion for a feature, please let us know and we'll add it to our list! 

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