Campaigns Handbook

Campaigns Handbook


ammado believes that everyone has the power to make a positive impact on the world around us.

With ammado campaigns, you can start a global fundraising effort or a local initiative with only a few clicks.

Your friends and colleagues can then start their own fundraisers as part of your campaign without having to sign up or have an account!

We know that setting up and managing a successful fundraising effort must be as easy and accessible as possible. So we ran our 5 minute setup test again and again to make it perfect!

And we developed our campaigns in a way that allows your friends and colleagues to support your campaign with simplicity but with amazing power - facilitating donations in over 80 currencies on any website or through social media.


This handbook will guide you through the setup process and then explain how to make your campaign a success:

  1. Creating a campaign
  2. Promoting a campaign
  3. Starting a fundraiser in a campaign
  4. Donating to a campaign
  5. Important links


Creating a campaign

You will need:

  1. An account on ammado (go to and choose to sign up as an individual, company or nonprofit)
  2. A campaign name that will be used on and on social media when friends or colleagues are deciding whether to donate or start fundraising for your campaign
  3. At least one charity for your campaign (we are unique in offering tax-efficient fundraisers that can you can use in your campaigns more here!)


First you will need to log into and select Connections > campaigns > create campaign: 



Complete the campaign details - your campaign name and profile address are specific to the campaign itself for use in sharing and promoting your campaign page.



The campaign currency converts all raised amounts from all your fundraisers into one single understandable currency for your campaign’s total raised amount.

Other campaign details such as the Campaign aim and description will be used as default entries for every fundraiser set up in your campaign. So your friends and colleagues can set up fundraisers quicker AND your campaign goals are consistent across all your campaign fundraisers - no matter who creates them.



You can add a custom campaign “Thank you” message that can be used by default in all created campaign fundraisers.

You can also choose to hide all fundraisers created in your campaign. This is especially useful for corporate organizations that wish to keep their fundraising activity internal, say in the case that the company is matching all employees’ donations.



You select one or many nonprofits that you wish to include in your campaign. You can even set the percentage amount that you wish each nonprofit to receive from every donation. As before, your campaign preference is carried across to all fundraisers created in your campaign by your friends or colleagues.

If you wish, you can change how donations are assigned so that all donors in India, say, donate their full amount to an Indian nonprofit whilst donors in France donate entirely to their local French nonprofit. This facilitates tax deductible donations for donors in the selected countries. A default nonprofit can be chosen to receive donations from all unrepresented countries if you select this option.




Your campaign imagery is extremely important, as this will be used on social media and to attract people to start fundraising for your campaign or to donate to it. You should choose imagery that represents your campaign. If you do not choose imagery, we will use the below default images instead.



To publish your campaign, you click the “Create Campaign” button. This will create a landing page for your  campaign containing all the information you entered. An example of a campaign page is shown here.

As well as creating and publishing your campaign page, a first fundraiser is automatically created for you when the campaign is created. So if anyone uses the “Donate” button on your campaign page, they will actually be donating to your campaign through this fundraiser.

All donations to fundraisers created in your campaign will be added to your campaign “TOTAL RAISED” amount, which is displayed in the currency of your choice.




Promoting a campaign

There are many ways to get your campaign out there - here are some of our suggestions:

  • Share your campaign on social media e.g. use our Twitter and Facebook campaign sharing buttons
  • Add your campaign Fundraising Widget to your blog or website - contact us for your code!
  • Add a Donate button to your email signature
  • Add a web banner and buttons to your website
  • Tell people about your campaign by email

More generally, any campaign is best promoted by contacting people in your locality - especially friends and colleagues. We suggest the following:

  • Contact local businesses and press and give them your campaign page address
  • Ensure you set you a "Thank you" message that gives your campaign a personal touch
  • Use great campaign imagery - they say a thousand words!
  • Blog about your campaign progress regularly or post updates on social media sites (be sure to always include your campaign page address)


Starting a fundraiser in a campaign

Campaigns do best when many people are involved.

Your friends or colleagues can start fundraising for your campaign by going directly to your campaign page OR through your campaign fundraising widget - which can sit on any website or blog.

When someone clicks the “Fundraise For Campaign” option on your campaign page, most of the form is already completed and there is no need to sign up or have an account. This means they can get on quickly with sharing their fundraiser and raising funds for your campaign!




Once created, a fundraiser in a campaign displays like this:



Visitors to a campaign page can donate directly to the campaign:



Visitors to a campaign page can also donate to a specific fundraiser from the list


 Important Links

  1. Get your account @
  2. Set up your campaign from your ammado profile page (connections > campaigns > create new campaign)
  3. Promote your campaign page once it is created
  4. Get your campaign fundraising widget code and add it to your website


Your Way to Make a Difference

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