How does Ammado save my payment method and how can I remove a saved payment method?

Ammado account holders have the benefit of being offered the option of saving a payment method when they make a donation. This means that after an initial donation, account holders can make subsequent donations without entering their card information each time. This option is "only" available when you are logged in to ammado at the time of making the donation and applies only to credit and debit cards. If you use more than one card type, each one can be saved in your account and is made available for selection in subsequent donations.

Ammado saves credit and debit card “credentials” rather than actually storing card data, which allows us to submit the "same" payment method to our Payment Processor without requiring a donor to re-enter their card data. Our Payment Processor - WorldPay - can then process the donation so long as the payment method is still valid (for example, the card has not expired). This obviously saves donors time and effort and provides a better donation experience. And because Ammado only saves the card credentials, your card data on Ammado is never at risk. A further benefit is that credit card companies have stated that transactions using saved payment methods "result in higher authorization approval rates and completed sales" (Source: Visa).

To view any saved payment methods on Ammado, first log in to your member account and go to Settings. Expand the "Account & Privacy" section and click "Saved payment methods". All saved payment methods are displayed with their logo and their last 4 digits. If your card expires or you no longer wish to use a saved payment method on Ammado, you can remove it using the "Delete" option displayed beside each method. 

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