New features in September 2014!

We released more features at the end of September 2014 to help you to raise funds for your causes: 


Fundraiser redesign:

  • We have updated our fundraiser profile designs - we hope you like them! 
  • Settings pages are now simplified
  • Large button now added to banner image area edit your fundraiser
  • For mass fundraising campaigns: we can now include an avatar when creating multiple fundraisers 


Accessing fundraisers:

  • Access to fundraisers is now enhanced by including the "Moderated fundraisers" component directly when you log in 
  • For nonprofits - we have added a new component to your "connections" page to see which fundraisers you are a beneficiary of


Spreadsheet donations: 

  • We will be able to process donations submitted in a simple spreadsheet (for matching donations, offline donations or simply donations directly to nonprofit or fundraisers)
  • A partner arrangement is required for this widget so please contact for more information


Purchase donation gift card widget

  • We have created a new widget that can site on any website or blog - this allows users to purchase ammado donation gift cards directly 
  • A partner arrangement is required for this widget so please contact for more information 


API partnering program: 

  • We now include partner programs for donations through our API - contact for more information  


Site redesign:

  • We are continuing to update our main website - so please let us know how we are doing (
  • Donation buttons are now simplified
  • More site pages are now mobile and tablet friendly 
  • OpenID options are redesigned


We hope you find these updates useful and we wish you continued success in your fundraising efforts. 


The ammado team 

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