Ammado now process donations submitted in a spreadsheet

ammado already provides flexible and easy-to-use online donations and fundraising tools. However, we realize that fundraising often takes place in cash through special events - and we know that some people are just more comfortable making donations in person.

That is why we have developed a separate system of processing donations specifically designed to accommodate donations made outside of ammado. In a nutshell, if you send ammado a list of your donations, we can process them for you.   



Here is a brief summary of how this works:  

  1. Create a list of the donations you want us to process and pay out to nonprofits - the information we require in the list can be seen in the examples below
  2. Send the list to
  3. Ammado will verify the list and create the donations
  4. You will then have an opportunity to review the newly created donations and approve or cancel them
  5. Once approved, you will receive an invoice for the donation amounts
    1. Note: no invoice is issued for “offline” donations - where the money has already been sent to the nonprofits by the donor/fundraiser
  6. When the invoice is paid, ammado can pay the amounts to the nonprofits


To avail of ammado’s donation processing, you will need:

  • An ammado company account - to review, cancel and approve the donations once they are created
  • A list of nonprofits that are to receive the donations - these must have an account on ammado before we can send them donations amounts  

You can sign up for a company account online at: If you do not want a company account, you can contact to arrange to speak with a business representative who will be happy to help you with your processing needs.


Types of donations

There are broadly three types of donations that we can process:

  1. "Direct Donations"
  2. "Matched Donations"
  3. “Offline Donations”


Direct Donations

  • These are the most straightforward type to facilitate donations made outside of the ammado system
  • Once the donations are created, a donation confirmation email is sent to each donor in the list with access to a donation receipt
  • Donations can be reviewed online and cancelled if necessary before final approval
  • Approved donation amounts are invoiced and must be paid before the donation amount is paid to the nonprofits

Matched Donations

  • These can facilitate a company matching any donation made on the ammado site
  • The matching donation can "only" be made for a donation that exists on ammado already - so the spreadsheet will need the ammado OrderID of the donation to be matched
  • Once the matched donations are created, they can be reviewed online and cancelled if necessary before final approval
  • Approved matched donation amounts are invoiced and must be paid before the matched donation amounts are paid to the nonprofits
  • An email is sent to the donor when the company has paid for the matched donations stating that "company X has now matched their donation"


Offline Donations

  • These can facilitate donations made outside of the ammado system where the donation amounts do “not” need to be paid out to the nonprofits e.g. if a cash amount was raised and sent directly to a nonprofit
  • These donations are especially useful when you need to reflect donation amounts in ammado fundraiser progress bars
  • These donations are NOT invoiced or paid for because they are not paid out by ammado to nonprofits
  • No donation receipts are available for offline donations

What information needs to go into the spreadsheet?

The spreadsheet is required to have the following general characteristics:

  • Must be in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format
  • The actual text in the column titles can be in any language BUT the column titles must be unique
  • Row 1: Must be the column titles
  • The columns in the spreadsheet must be in a specific order - as outlined below

The first 4 columns provide information about the donor:

  • Column 1: Donor First Name - not mandatory
  • Column 2: Donor Last Name - not mandatory
  • Column 3: Donor Country - not mandatory#
    • If included, must display as an ISO code e.g. DE for Germany
  • Column 4: Donor Email Address - Mandatory
    • Must be well formatted e.g.
    • Email address does not need to have an ammado account (if the email address is associated with an ammado account though, then the donation can be "claimed" by that member
    • If you do not want to provide an email address, ammado can use a dummy email address instead




The second 6 columns provide information about the donation:

  • Column 5: Donation Currency - Mandatory
    • Must display as an ISO code e.g. EUR or USD
    • Can be in any of 80+ currencies currently supported by ammado
    • Multiple currencies are accepted per spreadsheet BUT currencies are converted to a single defined currency when created
  • Column 6: Donation Amount - Mandatory
    • Numeric values only accepted
    • Decimals to two places only accepted
    • No min/max validation
  • Column 7: Beneficiary - Mandatory
    • Can be either a nonprofit or fundraiser but must be currently accepting donations on
    • A single beneficiary per row only can be accepted
    • The entry in the spreadsheet must use the ammado nonprofit or fundraiser identifier (ID) or - in the case of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, its EIN
    • The nonprofit/fundraiser identifier is the number (3+ digits) in the last part of the URL of the nonprofit or fundraiser profile.
    • You can find this number by searching for a nonprofit or fundraiser on and clicking the # symbol in the top right of the page (view how to do this)
    • If your beneficiary is a "World Fundraiser", you can include the specific nonprofit that will be the sole beneficiary of the donation. You do this by entering the fundraiser ID followed by the nonprofit ID in brackets as follows: 1234 (453)
  • Column 8: Comment - not mandatory but if entered, it cannot be more than 1000 characters
  • Column 9: Anonymous - Mandatory  
    • Must be either Yes or No
  • Column 10: Language - not mandatory   
    • If included, the donor’s language will be respected and the donor should receive a donation confirmation email in their own language (if that language is currently supported by ammado)
    • If included, must display as a valid IETF language tag, e.g. DE for German and FR for French (
    • If the column is left blank, it is assumed that the donation was made in English and the donor will receive a donation confirmation email in English



The final column is used for Matching only - otherwise, it should be left blank:

  • Column 11: Order ID
    • Order ID is used for Matched type only
    • If Order ID is included, it “must” exist i.e. a donation with that Order ID must have been made through ammado (either through the Giving Widget, the API or through a “direct” or “offline” spreadsheet donation)
    • Can be populated with the Order ID of “any” donation on ammado IF the original donation was made to a single nonprofit or fundraiser i.e. it can “only” match a donation that was made to a single beneficiary
    • Note: Can “only” match a donation if that donation has not been matched before


Download an example of a spreadsheet

You can view a full example of a spreadsheet on



Submitting donations in a spreadsheet to ammado is an excellent way to easily process and distribute much needed funds to nonprofits when your donors are primarily donating using cash - for example:

  • if you are holding an event in the office to raise donations for your cause
  • if you have received offline donations for your fundraiser and need them included in your online progress bar
  • if you are a company wishing to match donations

Simply send us your list and we will process all your donations and make sure the funds reach their required nonprofits in a cost-effective and safe manner.

You should contact an ammado representative or in order to use this feature, as the uploading of spreadsheets can only be done by ammado. Once ammado creates the donations, they can be reviewed and then cancelled or approved on  

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