What charges are associated with donations?

The ammado fee on donations is 5%. For online payments only, an additional charge (approximately 2.5%) is deducted to cover providers' processing charges, for example, credit card company charges.

This means that for a typical $100 donation, a nonprofit will receive $92.50. 


Here is an example of a typical donation using a credit/debit card and its associated costs:

Donation Amount: $100
The ammado fee is will be 5% or $5.
The credit/debit card fee (average) will be 2.5% or $2.50.
The amount the nonprofit receives in this case will be $92.50, which is $100 minus the ammado fee ($5) and the credit/debit card charge ($2.50).



  • Credit or debit card fees vary somewhat on the payment method used but we find that the global average of these is 2.5%
  • Mastercard and Visa are our most frequently used payment methods but charges can vary in their usage depending on the card owner's currency (for example, USD 2.75% EUR 2.25% GBP 2.00%) 
  • Some payment methods comprise a fixed and a flexible charge and again depend on on the owner's currency - for example, Paypal: EUR (1.9%+€0.35) GBP (2.4%+£0.20) USD (2.4%+US$0.30)
  • For currencies other than ammado’s 4 settlement currencies (USD, EUR, GBP and JPY), a currency conversion is applied by the credit card companies using their rates. We have no control over these rates but the rates are competitive, at approximately a 2% margin on the interbank rate.
  • At the time of payment from ammado in our 4 main currencies there maybe a conversion to the currencies the nonprofit accepts. The banks give us very good rates on this – the FX margin is 1.5% over the interbank rate.
  • In extraordinary and rare circumstances, a "partner fee" may be deducted from donations. This is only applicable when donations are made in the context and as a direct result of a partner's services.
  • ammado does not charge nonprofits for any sign up, registration or monthly subscription fees - our donations and fundraising tools are free for use  
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