Nonprofit guide to start receiving donations on ammado

To receive donations through ammado, you will need to sign up for a nonprofit account. Please click the following link to register now:

The signup and presence on ammado is free of charge and it offers a variety of online fundraising tools you will find useful.

Once completed, your submitted application will then be reviewed (please be patient, as this can take a number of days). If your application is successful, your donation feature will be immediately activated and your nonprofit will be available to receive donations directly or through a fundraiser.


Setting up as an ammado nonprofit member

There are 2 broad steps in the process to accept donations through ammado: 

  1. Nonprofits must sign up at: 
  2. Nonprofits must apply to receive donations through ammado


Signing up on ammado


Registering to receive donations through ammado

Once the nonprofit has completed its organisation and administrator details, it is prompted to fill in its registration details - these are the details of their registration with their national/local charity commission/authority. 

An important step is to upload the nonprofit documentation that independently verifies the nonprofit status of the organization. Nonprofit applications that fail to provide such documentation will likely have their application delayed and/or refused. 


Next, the nonprofit can choose their category and add any desired keywords. 

The last section allows the nonprofit to securely upload its organization's bank details - the bank account should be in the name of the organization and not a personal bank account. 

Nonprofits can choose a preferred payment currency from one of the following: Euro (€); US Dollar (US$); British Pound (£); Japanese Yen (¥). 


Approval by ammado

Once the nonprofit completes all of the required fields for its application, it will receive an email with a link to confirm its email address. Nonprofits should follow the link and log into ammado. Please note: this email may end up in spam/junk mail.

ammado will then review the nonprofit's application – this typically can be done within 2 working days. 

On approval of the application, a second email is sent to the nonprofit confirming that its donation facility is now activated.


Enabling ammado to issue receipts

ammado sends a confirmation email to donors after each successful donation. Subsequently, a donor can request a receipt for their donation, which is sent by email to the nonprofit to complete and return to the donor.

However, if explicitly authorized to do so, ammado can issue donation receipts on behalf of nonprofits. 

If ammado issues a nonprofit's receipt, custom text and a signature can be added by the nonprofit.  

Learn more about ammado receipts 

To authorize ammado to issue receipts, please send an email to



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