Global, tax-efficient fundraising with ammado's World Fundraiser

ammado has developed a special type of fundraising technology that facilitates the quick set-up and easy management of global fundraising campaigns, which enable tax-efficient donations. This solution, developed in conjunction with leading aid agencies, represents an important innovation for companies and nonprofits operating cross-boarder.

The situation previously

While tax regulations vary from country to country, the general rule is that if a tax-payer is to receive some form of tax-benefit from their donation, they must donate to a charity that is registered in the country where they pay tax. Let's take the example then of multinational company, headquartered in Germany, who wishes to raise funds a water project in Africa in partnership with Save the Children. If the company choses the Save the Children Germany as the beneficiary of this fundraising campaign, German employees will be able to donate tax-efficiently, but their colleagues in the rest of the world will be donating to a charity registered in a country abroad and so will not be able to make tax-efficient donations. 

How ammado's solution overcomes the difficulties of international fundraising

With ammado's technology, companies and nonprofits can create a global fundraising campaign within minutes.  Set up is quick and easy - the company sets up a fundraising page and selects each of the nonprofits that are participating in the campaign. Despite multiple beneficiaries, there is only one campagin and one destination providing employees globally with the same donation experience.

Company Giving Widget

Employees will be able to donate in 80 currencies and 12 languages, using all major and many local payment methods. The technology will recognise the location of the donor and adjust automatically, displaying the most relevant currency and language. The employee's donation will also benefit the most relevant nonprofit in the campaign. For example a Japanese employee will be presented with the donation experience in Japanese, with YEN as the chosen currency, with the most relevant payment methods displayed first and their donation will be routed through Save the Children to the company's "Water for Africa" project. Donors can change any of these details if they wish.

ammado can automate the tax-receipts, sending donors who request one a receipt on behalf of the nonprofit. Donations are all tracked and companies have access to online reports and live fundraising totals. Although donations flow all over the world the campaign is managed through one system and donations are presented to the company in one consolidated report. The company can filter the report to gain various insights, like how much has been raised per country. 

The process is illustrated below:

Illustration of ammado's World Fundraiser technology

World Fundraisers are useful for raising funds for multiple local nonprofits as well as the national socities of large international NGOs. This case study shows how Societe Generale's charity Asia Bike Ride used ammado's World Fundraisers to raise almost €100,000 for their local nonprofit partners in 7 countries across Asia in 2012.  

Two options to facilitate donations

1. Companies and nonprofits can share the URL of their fundraising page with donors, directing them to ammado to make their donation

2. Companies and nonprofits can easily embed the ammado Giving Widget on their intranet, website or other web presence

Setting up a World Fundraiser

Please note: not all entities on ammado are enabled to set up World Fundraisers. If you would like to use this feature, please email and request that they turn on the functionality for you. 

1. Go to and Log In or enter your details to Sign Up.

2. Enter the details of your fundraising campaign and click ‘Start’ 

Search and select your beneficiary nonprofits then choose a title for your fundraiser. 

Click on the "Selected nonprofits" tab to see the nonprofits that you have chosen. Select the option "By Country" to split the donations by country rather than by percentage.

One nonprofit must be the "default beneficiary" who will receive donations from countries where there is not a nonprofit participating in the campaign. Usually this will be the nonprofit who is leading the appeal. In the example below this is Save the Children UK. There are 10 Save the Children members participating in the example campaign. Donations made outside these 10 countries will benefit the Save the Children UK. Donors can, if they wish, choose a different country/nonprofit from the one automatically presented to them.

Setting up a World Fundraiser - choosing a default beneficiary

Next you can choose various fundraiser options.

Hidden Fundraisers: You can set up your fundraiser as hidden so that it's not searchable on the ammado site and can unhide it at anytime.

Your fundraiser is now ready to accept donations. You will find further details on management of your fundraiser and promotion via the Giving Widget, Facebook and donate buttons in the latter half of this article.

Should you have any questions on World Fundraisers please contact who will be happy to help!

Best of luck with your fundraising!

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