How do I see how much my fundraiser has raised?

Once a fundraiser has been created (for example, by accessing, it can immediately start receiving donations. The person who started the fundraiser is generally made the "moderator" immediately. In some cases you may need to accept a moderator invitation to become the moderator - this is sent to the email address you used to set up your fundraiser.

ammado send the moderator - or moderators, as there can be many - of fundraisers a daily email with the number of donations received in the past day.

You can click the link in this email to directly access your fundraiser statement that includes all the donations you have received so far - as well as filters and search options to find specific donations.

A "Download" option allows you to view even more information about the donations in a spreadsheet.  



At any time, you can log in to to view the progress of your fundraiser. You log in by entering the email address and password you used to create your ammado account. Then you can access your "fundraisers" page, which can be found in your "connections". This lists all the fundraisers that you currently moderate.



You click the logo or name of the fundraiser you wish to view to go to that fundraiser. Once you are on your fundraiser page, you can view the progress of the fundraiser immediately or access the statement for a more detailed view of the donations so far (described above).





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