How do i request a receipt for my donation?

When you make a donation, you will receive a "donation confirmation email". This email contains a link to a page on that will allow you request your donation receipt:

  1. Click the link in the "donation confirmation email"
  2. Click the 'Request Receipt' button to expand the receipt form
  3. Complete the receipt form

Please note, if ammado is enabling receipts on behalf of the beneficiary you will receive a receipt immediately after completing the form. Otherwise an email is sent to the beneficiary and the beneficiary will send you a receipt.

If you have an ammado account, you can access your donations statement and request a receipt at any time for your past donations.

You can view your donations statement by logging in and clicking "giving" and then clicking "donations statement". To access a receipt option for any donation, click the information icon "I" beside any donation.


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