Testing your ammado API application

To help developers develop and test their ammado API applications we provide developer access to an API test sandbox. The sandbox provides the same functionality as our production site along with a set of dummy profiles that can be used for testing. It is typically updated a few days after we deploy major updates to our production site (usually monthly). It is important to note that with each sandbox deployment we reset the database to a known state with a set of test accounts and all user generated data is dropped.

We encourage application developers to first test their application on our API sandbox before pointing it at our production endpoints. Some considerations when using the sandbox to test your application are:

  • The same API key will work on the test sandbox and production sites.
  • The beneficiaryId on the sandbox will be different from production. The reason is that we only provide test user accounts and do not replicate production data to the test environment. You may sign up and create your own test profiles on the sandbox but note that they will be dropped at the next deployment  to the environment.
  • It is easy to determine the beneficiaryId from a nonprofit or fundraiser profile. Just browse to the beneficiary's profile and select the permalink icon from the 'Share' options. The number at the end of the permalink url is the beneficiaryId.

  • We provide a donation payment simulator in the sandbox environment so there is no need for dummy credit cards for testing. During a donation workflow you will be directed to our payment simulator page from which you can select the desired outcome of the donation. This is useful when testing redirects to your donation onSuccess and onError pages on your site as part of a donation workflow.


  • On our production site emails are normally sent when a donation is made or when a fundraiser is started. To avoid any potential abuse we deliberately stop the sending of these emails on the test sandbox.
  • And finally never send your API key secret over the wire. It is only ever used to generate a hashed signature for certain endpoint calls.

When you have finished testing and want to switch to using our live site API you should only need to update your application configuration to point to the production API endpoints and to update the beneficiaryId with the production profile value.

If you are interested in using our donation API or have any questions please let us know at support@ammado.com or on Twitter @ammadoDev.

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