Where can I find the ammado API documentation and what does it contain?

You can find out all about the ammado API in its documentation, which is located at the following address:


The ammado API documentation describes in detail the following supported methods:

  • /donate - used to POST a form to allow donors to make payments
  • /redeem - used to make a donation with a voucher or to "kickstart" fundraisers you created
  • /currencies - used to retrieve the list of supported payment currencies
  • /order/{guid} - used to retrieve the status of a donation
  • /fundraiser - used to create a new fundraiser
  • /fundraiser/{id} - used to retrieve the fundraising progress
  • /fundraiser/{id}/moderators - used to add moderators to existing fundraisers
  • /fundraiser/{id}/beneficiaries - used to invite additional nonprofits to receive donations in a fundraiser
  • /fundraiser/{id}/avatar - used to upload avatar for existing fundraiser
  • /beneficiary/{id} - used to retrieve nonprofit/fundraiser details and check availability for donations
  • /search - used to search beneficiaries that are enabled for donations, e.g. enlisted nonprofits and active fundraisers and retrieve their information
  • /categories - used to retrieve the list of supported fundraising categories
  • Giving Widget setup - used to pre-fill the Giving Widget with donor details and authenticate the widget donation

To use the ammado API, you need to obtain an API key. Please send your API key request with your donation requirements to support@ammado.com.


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