How do I send an ammado donation gift card to my friends?

To send a gift card - or multiple gift cards - from ammado, you should log in to your ammado account and access your gift cards. Your gift cards are located in your "Giving" menu. Then click the "Send" button associated with the gift cards that you wish to send - as shown below:

To send your gift cards, you first enter the email addresses of the recipients. Alternatively, if you need to send gift cards to a large number of people, you can import a contacts file. 

You then enter the number of gift cards that you wish each person to receive. You can also add a message to display in the email with your gift cards. When you are happy with your details, click the Send button. 

Once you send your gift cards, you can track them on your gift card page. You can view which email address received which code, the date of sending and the status. The status will tell you, for example, whether the gift card has been redeemed or not.

If you have any questions about your donation gift cards, please contact us


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