How do I ensure my donation gift cards are donated to a specific cause?

You can ensure your donation gift cards can only be donated to a specific nonprofit or fundraiser by logging in to your ammado account and accessing your gift cards. Your gift cards are located in your "Giving" menu. Then click the gift cards that you wish to affect - as shown below:

You can select one or many nonprofits or fundraisers from the selection area. The selection area shows nonprofits or fundraisers that you may be connected to on ammado - "My Nonprofits/Fundraisers". Beside this, a full search section displays called "All Nonprofits/Fundraisers". Any selections you make will display in the "Selected" section. 

For more complex requirements - such as restricting gift cards to be redeemed to nonprofits in a specific country or category or whether the nonprofits are 501(c)(3) compliant in the US - you can request these restrictions by sending a request to us.

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