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ammado Gift Cards represent an exciting departure from traditional cause-related customer and employee campaigns. The technology enables companies to devise creative campaigns that can be run globally and support the causes that their employees and customers are passionate about.

Traditionally with cause-related marketing campaigns the company dictates the cause that will benefit, for example you buy a certain Gucci handbag and Gucci will donate X% of the profits to UNICEF. Any given customer may not feel any connection with the chosen cause - it is diffcult for a company to choose one cause that its diverse customer base will identify with. It is also problematic for Gucci to determine the ROI of such a campaign. The marketing team does not know which customers

  • bought the bag because they liked it and were not motivated at all by the nonprofit link
  • bought the bag because they idenified with the cause
  • bought the bag and liked the fact that it supported a nonprofit, but would have preferred a different cause

Arnotts ammado Giving Voucher  

ammado Gift Cards, conversely, empower the receiver with the choice of to whom to donate, enabling them to suport a cause that is personal and relevant to them. The customer is given the positive experience of donating and actively engages with both the company and the benefitting nonprofits in the process. The redeemed cards are tracked and the company gains insights into what portion of their customers are motivated by a nonprofit connection and into the causes which are important to their customers. ammado also graphically represents where the cards have been given in a live, interactive Giving Circle, which illustrates the causes that are important to the company's customers or employees.


ammado's global capabilities enable companies to manage global campaigns with ease. Donation Gift Cards are available in any amount in 76 currencies and the donation process is available in 12 languages. Donation Gift Cards can be left open, in which case they can be donated to any of the 1.6 million nonprofits on the ammado platform. Companies can also restrict the choice to a group of selected nonprofits or to a specific category (e.g. environment) or geography. ammado's global reach enables companies to choose nonprofits that reflect their diverse employee and customer base.

Gift Cards can be branded and can be distributed physically or electronically or even printed on products. They are formed of a 12 digit code and so lend themselves to creative use! Gift Cards can also be redeemed through the Giving Widget on the company's website, intranet or other online presence. 

Companies use ammado Giving Vouchers in a huge variety of ways, for example:

  • To reward customer or employee loyalty
  • To handle complaints
  • As a thank you for purchase
  • To celebrate occasions
  • To match employee donations

Some previous examples of company campaigns include:

  • Eon published its sustainability report online only for the first time and wanted to get valuable stakeholders' feedback on the report. As a thank you, anyone who completed a survey with their thoughts received and ammado Gift Cards online, which they could donate to their choice of 8 international charities selected in advance by Eon. 
  • Ermenegildo Zegna marked its 100 year anniversary with a special suit made from the finest wool in the world. As part of the centenary celebrations, Zegna wanted to reflect it's tradition of supporting local communities. Accordingly the purchasers of Zegna's centenary suit received a beautifully branded ammado Gift Card to half the value of the suit ($12,500!!). These cards empowered the receiver to choose from a group of local nonprofits in various parts of the world whom Zegna have traditionally supported. This campaign gave a huge endorsement to the work of these local nonprofits and Zegna hoped that following its introduction their customers might continue to engage with the work of these great organisations.
  • Instead of distributing meaningless marketing give aways like pens or keyrings, SAS Institute gave delegates at its cutsomer conferences an ammado Gift Card empowering them to donate to the causes about which they are passionate. 
  • Diageo in Singapore gave its employees a voice in the split of its charity donaitons. Employees were regulary sent an ammado Gift Card enabling them to donate their portion of the CSR budget to their choice of Diageo's charity partners.

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