How can our company match donations?

There are a number of simple methods that you can use to match donations:

For the second type of matching, ammado offer a spreadsheet donation process - you can read all about this process in a related article

In this article, we will explain more about the matching process through the giving widget. Aiming to eliminate the pain of companies matching donations - both locally and internationally - ammado developed a tool which facilitates the easy management of donation matching programs. 

Vast choice with minimal admin

International giving programs involve the additional complexities of multiple languages and currencies, both of which are catered for by ammado. ammado's donation matching technology provides your employees with vast choice, 1.6 million nonprofits from 140 countries, so you can really support your employees' passions. The platform offers fully automated donation matching through the ammado Giving Widget, available in 12 languages, 80 currencies and all major as well as many local payment methods, resulting in a system that is easy to use for programme administrators. Companies pay a single invoice at the end of the campaign and ammado handles the distribution of donations to nonprofits all over the world.

Increased visibilty for the program and for company donations

Matching programs are visible at the point of donating, through icons that indicate to employees that their donation is eligible for matching. Additionally the company donation activity* is published on the beneficiary nonprofit profile, increasing the visibility of the corporate donations. 

Donation matching in Giving Widget

*The post merely indicates that the company made a donation, values are not disclosed.

Added value for corporate campagins

A company match for donations provides a strong incentive to give and results in more employees engaging with the company's giving and CSR programs. Donors tend to give more with matching incentives, resulting in far greater totals in company fundraising campagins with a matching element. Adding ammado donation matching to a campaign will dramatically boost the total raised with out any additional admin hassle.

How does ammado's donation matching technology work? 

Matching donations internationally with ammado’s matching technology is really simple, with just 4 parts in the process: 

 Donation Matching Infographic

1. Establish your donation matching program

  • Setting up your program is quick and easy. We help you establish your program with your defined parameters, e.g. overall program budget, match limit per employee per year. When donating, employees can see that their donations are eligible for matching.

 2. Review and approve donations

  • At the end of the match period you can view and export your statement from ammado. When you’ve reviewed the donations you can confirm and match donations with one click.

3. ammado sends a single invoice for all donations in the period

  • You will receive a single invoice from ammado which includes all confirmed matched donations in the given period

4. ammado distributes the donations to all nonprofits internationally

  • Once the invoice has been paid ammado distributes the donations to the nonprofits in its next payment session. Nonprofits can see the original and matched donations in their donation statement. Employees will also be notified by email when the match from the company goes through. 


Select companies that have been using ammado donation matching before its official launch have reported a large increase in the number of international donors and funds given. They have also praised the great user experience and ease of administering matching programs.
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