The ammado Affiliate Programme

ammado has created a fully automated and hosted affiliate programme where by its partners receive a revenue share of up to 5% on any donation gift cards purchased or donation triggered through their network. This activity not only generates income for the ammado partner but does incredible good for the world.

Affiliate partners will not have any technical effort as everything will be hosted by ammado. The focus for Partners is on promoting the service within their network.

Affiliate partners that are committing to this innovative program include companies, alumni associations, trade associations and NGOs such as advocacy organisations… literally any organisation that has a global network of online members.

3 scenarios for donation through partners

1. Fundraising Campaigns:

Ammado is offering users to start P2P fundraising campaigns within their own network to raise money for a nonprofit organisation on ammado. Partners will receive a revenue share of 2% for all donations going through a fundraiser set up through the Partners network.

Main points/example: 

  • ammado can provide a hosted P2P fundraising campaign banded and customized for partners.
  • Partners will promote to “Start Fundraising” within its network of individuals, drive traffic to the campaign and manage the communication.
  • Individuals will manage their fundraiser on ammado and promote within their personal network
  • Partners will receive revenue share on all donations raised though their campaign


2. Donation Gift Cards:

Ammado is offering donations gift card that can be used as a gift or incentive and redeemed as a donation to a nonprofit organisation of choice. Partners will receive a revenue share of up to 5% for every purchases of such Gift Cards initiated through their network.

  • Donation Gift cards are a innovative, engaging and meaningful gift or tool for rewards and incentives to show support or drive business goals and mark occasions.
  • Donation Gift cards can be configured to tie into a corporate CSR program and strengthen employee engagement. A powerful company Giving Program can be launched easily
  • Partners can can benefit from a 5% revenue share for promoting those gift cards to individuals or companies as gift or business incentive
  • They come as 12-digit codes to be distributed online, via email or printed on anything



Users engage by selecting nonprofits as beneficiary; companies can preselect beneficiaries to support existing CSR Partnerships

  • Gift Cards can be purchased in any currency and denomination online from ammado and are active and usable immediately.
  • Gift Card codes are provided as file to be distributed by the company
  • Codes can be ordered in smaller batches, re-configured after they have been submitted and re-used after expiry so no breakage can occur
  • Gift Cards can be configured  with a “whitelist” of beneficiaries. In this case the money can only be donated to a selected list of nonprofits or a certain region or category
  • Partner can promote the Gift Cards to its users: Individuals using them as a gift or companies using them as business incentive
  • Partner only needs to link its users to either the individual or company purchase page



3. Partner appeal:

Ammado is offering a simple tool to accept donations for nonprofit organisations on ammado. Partners receive a 2% revenue share on all donations they facilitate through their network.

  • Partners can run an appeal and call for donations publically
  • Partner widget can be embedded anywhere: webpage, Blog, facebook, mobile site, app
  • Partner will be rewarded with 2% share on all donations going through partner widget
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