What products and services do ammado offer companies?

ammado offers companies global giving products and services such as:

We attract companies from all over the world that are interested in building a meaningful work culture and differentiating their brands. Our cutting-edge donations technology provides a great and engaging user experience.

ammado is available in 12 languages and supports giving transactions in more than 75 currencies. Your giving campaigns can be facilitated in your own branded online environment through the ammado Giving Widget, our portable donations tool.

What our clients say:

ammado provides an innovative way of using our influence to create greater good, through a digital platform that is relevant and easy to use.

Coca Cola Singapore

Think of sites like JustGiving combined with PayPal, corporate CSR sites and Facebook and you might be somewhere close.

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Products & Services

Here is a sample of the solutions we are currently providing for companies:

Global donations platform

ammado has built the first ever global donations platform, accepting more than 75 currencies, including Chinese renminbi (RMB), and every major payment method in the world. This secure giving platform, facilitated by Royal Bank of Scotland, is embedded in a Giving Widget which can easily be exported to any website, intranet or blog, empowering organizations as well as individuals to raise (micro-) donations for their favourite causes. Disaster relief campaigns can be initiated within minutes.

Donation Matching

For the first time, company donation matching can take place online!

Your company can match some or all of your employees' donations - in any of 75+ currencies.

Companies have full and flexible control over how much they wish to match and which beneficiaries will benefit from their matched donations.

Donation Gift Cards

Companies can distribute Donation Gift Cards in any format, value and currency to reach a specific business goal. Examples include: a call to action, customer referral, up sell and so forth. The same can apply to employees at special occasions such as birthdays and festive celebrations.

Fundraising - quick to set up and no administration!

Branded fundraising provides your customers and/or employees with a collective goal. On ammado, fundraising campaigns can be established in minutes, with a host of social media tools and a live tracker to share progress. Stakeholders from all around the world can donate and share ideas. In the wake of disasters, employees - regardless of their location - can be offered a quick and simple way to donate to organizations working on the ground in relief efforts. Donations can be facilitated on your own website/blogs/intranet using our portable donations tool. Donations can be matched in an extremely flexible manner.

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With its appealing user experience and best-in-class security and privacy standards, ammado is the most comprehensive platform for any company to engage their stakeholders in their community involvement.

  • Branded fundraising
  • Donation matching
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Giving programs in over 75 currencies
  • Branded donation gift cards


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