How to make a donation through the Giving Widget

Everybody can donate through the ammado Giving Widget, our portable donations tool. The widget accepts donations on ammado, or from any website or blog. Donations can be made using many currencies and payment methods. Widgets can also be customized to present selected nonprofits or fundraisers and display in different colours or size.

Even after customization, the donation experience through the ammado Giving Widget is consistent, secure, reliable, intuitive and fast. Here is an overview of what to expect on the Giving Widget:  


1. "Enter the Essentials"


2. Once happy with the donation details, click the "DONATE NOW" button


3. Enter your email address and other details 


4. On the secure WorldPay page, enter your credit/debit card details 

5. That's it - your donation was made successfully! 


Once your donation is made successfully, you can request a tax receipt. If you want to request a receipt for previous donations - or you want to record all your donations in one place online - you can sign up for an ammado account.

If you have any questions about the ammado Giving Widget or about your donation, please contact us.





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