How to invite a nonprofit to register on ammado

Have you tried to start a fundraiser for a nonprofit or attempted to donate to a nonprofit and found that the nonprofit cannot be found? If so, it is likely that the nonprofit you are interested in has not registered yet on ammado for donations. 

ammado has over 1.5 million nonprofits available for donations and fundraising efforts - and more are joining each day. To invite a nonprofit to ammado, simply send it an email with the following text and links:



I would like to support your nonprofit through the online fundraising and donations website – 

Please click the following link to register now:

The signup and presence on ammado is free of charge and it offers a variety of online fundraising tools you will find useful.

You can use this handy guide to find out more about the registration process:

About ammado:

ammado provides nonprofits with a global donations and engagement platform, one that allows them to accept donations from all around the world – in more than 80 currencies and through all major and many local payment methods. ammado also has a large, unique suite of features that help your organization spread your message as well as maximise your donations.

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