Microsite solutions - custom fundraising and campaign site development

Thank you for your interest in ammado’s site development capabilities. ammado has provided some outstanding microsites to date and we have never failed to meet a client’s expectations – and likewise, our clients have never failed to meet their site launch deadlines and enjoy successful campaigns. We look forward to doing the same for all our new clients (plus we really enjoy these projects!)

ammado has provided successful microsite solutions for companies such as Société Générale, GlaxoSmithKline, Runtastic and Adidas - based on our experience in these projects, we have devised a package of microsite features that can match and exceed most client's requirements. 


Our standard site package includes the following:

1. A dedicated microsite with hosting, support and maintenance for a defined period of time e.g. 6 months or a year (after which, an option to renew is available) 

2. A Home page – can display branding, information and access point to start fundraising as well as a company Giving Widget

  • Other options: Image rotator; event counter (e.g. if there is a registration closing period), amount raised option, leaderboard, corporate sponsorship area and more
  • Example: Adidas micoach below




3. A “Select beneficiary” page – can provide full search of the Ammado database of 1.6 million nonprofits OR a defined list of nonprofits

  • Example: 



4. A “Start Fundraising” form – to collect the fundraiser information as well as any required information about the user

  • If registering for an event – or requiring users to make a donation as part of the registration process – this can be accommodated but may require an additional cost


5. A “Successful Registration” page – to confirm that a fundraiser has been created, offer “share” options e.g. Twitter/Facebook and direct the user to the ammado site to view the fundraiser

  • Optionally, we can display a Code snippet for a custom Giving Widget that is pre-populated to present this new fundraiser as the beneficiary for new donations (for adding to a private blog)

6. An “About” page – if further information about the event, campaign or nonprofits is required

  • Composition generally includes graphics, maps, text
  • Two “About” pages can be included at no additional cost so long as they comprise simply text and static graphics. This requirement is common where, for example, a general “About” page describes the campaign or event and a second page may detail more information about the nonprofits involved (if these are defined)

7. Other pages:

  • A common footer area with links to ammado T&Cs and Privacy Policy – if these are acceptable. If custom policy pages are required, these can be included at no additional cost so long as they comprise simply text and static graphics and such text is provided by the client.
  • Error pages (e.g. 404 Not Found)

8. Emails:

  • One to invite the user to moderate the new fundraiser
  • A second [optional] custom email from the client to thank the user for creating the fundraising

9. An Administration section:

  • Presents an initial logon (Username/Password) screen – this will be provided to the client representative
  • Upon successful login, page presents all the fundraisers created through this microsite
  • An “Export” option allows for fundraisers to be viewed as CSV file with additional information – say, in spreadsheet application for further analysis


1. Your custom website should be fully responsive for use on multiple devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) – however, please inform us of the most likely device that your users will be accessing the site through

  • Example 



2. Ammado host new websites as subdomains on www.ammadoevents.com

3. If you require registration data e.g. you wish users to register for a specific event, we can design a registration form and store and process the registration data

4. If your event requires a fee, we can process the registration fees and send confirmation emails to the participants – however, this may incur an additional development cost

5. Ammado automatically create a personalized fundraiser for each participant upon a successful registration

6. If you wish to raise funds for multiple nonprofits in different countries, we can offer special fundraisers that present the local nonprofit to donors depending on which country they are donating in

7. We automatically send an email Invitation to each participant to become the moderator of their fundraiser so they can add photos, videos and blog articles to promote their fundraisers

8. We allow participants to share their fundraisers on Twitter, Facebook or via email

9. We offer participants their own unique donations widget – the ammado Giving Widget – to raise donations on their own blog or website

  • Example of the widget embedded on a site (click donate option to open the widget): http://www.ifrc.org/

10. We can provide a leaderboard for all fundraisers and display an overall fundraising amount for the event – either on the ammadoevents site or provide a feed for display on your own website or intranet. Leaderboards may incur an additional development cost.

  • Example of leaderboard: https://societegeneraleasiabikeride.ammadoevents.com/

11. We provide a secure administration section for you to view and export fundraiser amounts, information and registration data.

How do I find out more?

If you are interested in a custom microsite, you can contact us directly at support@ammado.com. Please include the following basic information so that we can get a better understanding of your requirements.

1. When do you intend your site to launch your site publically?

2. What are your target countries?

3. How many fundraisers are you aiming to create from this site?

4. How long must the site be live and maintained?

5. Do you need to provide the site in languages other than English?

6. Do you intend to require a leaderboard on the site?

7. Do you intend to require a leaderboard on your corporate intranet or another site?

8. Does the site need to have specific Terms and Conditions/Data Privacy requirements?

9. Does the site require a payment to be made as part of the registration process?

10. Once the site is developed and live, do you envision building further functionality into the same site? If so, please state possible requirements (so we know to be flexible in certain parts). 

11. Can we state that the site will be dismantled when the event is over?


Event Details (if any)

1. Please state the title, description, location(s) and date for the event.

2. If fundraisers are generated for each user for the event, please state if there is an expected target amount each user must reach.

  • Note that ammado cannot enforce users to reach target amounts but we can provide details of raised amounts to highlight those that have not reached a target amount.

3. If a registration fee is required, the fee can be altered for low income countries. If this is required, please state the amount(s) envisioned? Note – this will require additional logic and thus incur a slightly higher development cost.

4. When will users expect to start fundraising for the event?

5. When will the event be publicised and through what channels?


Donation Costs

Ammado charges a 5% fee for all donations and an additional charge of approximately 2.5% is charged per donation by credit card companies – there are no mechanisms to change or remove these fees.

However, some client companies may wish to cover the ammado fee and the credit card fees to ensure that 100% goes to the nonprofit beneficiaries. Ammado can provide a number of mechanisms to allow client companies to do this – as explained below.


Option 1: Kickstart Fundraisers

This is where a client company automatically makes an initial donation to any newly created fundraiser. Besides wishing to cover costs, there are a number of other benefits to this approach:

  • Encourages larger takeup of fundraising – an initial donation amount is very appealing in motivating employees/users to decide to start fundraising)
  • Showcases a company’s commitment to CSR – by providing direct monetary amounts to each individual fundraiser, the company benefits broadly from a general enhanced reputation  as well as on an individual employee/user basis
  • Provides a high degree of employer branding – the company’s brand is automatically included on each fundraiser’s profile as having contributed to the fundraiser. The contribution is also highlight in the Ammado activities stream
  • Nonprofits are obviously more appreciative of the company in covering the costs, as they receive funds that would otherwise have been excluded to cover costs


Option 2: Matching Donations

A client company can avail of ammado’s matching program functionality or simply request amounts to be matched at the end of a campaign. The options included in matching are manifold and are available upon request.

In summary version, ammado’s matching “program” functionality is available to any company and is integrated with our donations technology – the Ammado Giving Widget. Any donation made through a client company’s Giving Widget can be matched if a matching program is active. There are configurable limits such as an overall limit/budget per program, a matching limit per user and a matching limit per donation.  The benefits of this approach is transparency of all donations made through the widget and donor awareness through the widget that the client company is matching these donations.

A less formal approach would be to await the end of a campaign and then request to match all donations. This approach will not be reflected in the widget so awareness of the matching would be outside of the Ammado system.


Partner Fees

Ammado can apply a “partner fee” to donations in certain scenarios – for example, on donation gift cards, donations made through a particular Giving Widget, donations through the ammado API or donations made to certain fundraisers.

If, for example, your campaign will incur costs that you wish to recoup or wish to collect on behalf of a separate nonprofit, you can arrange for a percentage fee to be deducted from donations made to fundraisers created as part of your campaign. This is done by assigning your organization with an ammado partner code.

The partner fee will be applied when any user creates a fundraiser on your microsite and subsequently receives a donation.

Please inform your ammado representative if you require this facility.


Additional Notes

Ammado provides a free service to issue donation receipts on behalf of nonprofits on our system –this service reduces the burden on nonprofits, fits seamlessly into our donation experience and – as mentioned – will not incur any cost. Please note that nonprofit signup, profiles and functionality on ammado.com are all free for nonprofits – and there are also no subscription fees.

Do your nonprofit beneficiaries require Ammado to issue donation receipts on their behalf?

If yes, please inform the nonprofit(s) to contact support@ammado.com directly to switch on this feature. Nonprofits can also provide us with some custom text for inclusion with these receipts – for example, a thank you message.


Terms and Conditions

There are general terms and conditions that can be provided to you by your ammado business representative. It is important to note here that once a site’s specifications are agreed and the final site is signed-off, changes will be the exception and may incur additional fees.

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