Fundraising on Facebook

Facebook is an interesting Fundraising Channel

Facebook can be a cost-effective fundraising channel, as it's free to set up a page - and with the ammado Giving app, it's also free to provide a donation option directly on your Facebook page.




You even get some free viral communications when supporters and Facebook friends help you to promote your fundraising activities by sharing your Facebook posts and calls for donation. The popular#ALSicebucketchallenge is a great example of how an awareness campaign for a nonprofit organisation has gone viral and triggered contributions. The main effort is to keep the Facebook page updated, exciting and engaging, which certainly requires a time investment.

As Facebook makes it easy to address a truly global target segment of donors, it's critical to offer a donation facility that also works globally (i.e. in terms of language, currency and payment tools) and also works together with your business and financial processes (reporting, tax receipts, donor management, ...). ammado fundraising tools provide an end-to-end solution for nonprofits. You can read about the features, processes and costs here.


The ammado Facebook Giving app

The app can be added to any Facebook page with a few simple steps explained below. With the recent design update Facebook did to its pages the presentation and configuration of the app on a Facebook page has greatly improved and looks very shiny now:


Facebook removed the images from the horizontal top navigation bar (About, Likes, Photos) where the Donate Button of the used to sit. This is now turned into text only and says "Give Now" when you first activate the app on your Facebook page. The text can be changed as shown in the instruction further below.



Facebook has place an overview of all apps a page is using to the vertical list on the left-hand side of said page. This is where the "Donate"-Button of ammado Giving is now displaying. The Button image and the text next to is can be changed as you like (see below). 




If you click on either the text link or the Donate button you get to the actual donate page on Facebook, which looks much nicer now displaying the page's cover image on top. The URL of this donation page can be shared and posted to drive potential donors right on this page. 



Step by Step Guide

Setting up the ammado Giving app is easy.

  1. Select and Nonprofit or Fundraiser on ammado you want to support
  2. On the selected page click on "Promote Cause" and click "ammado Giving on Facebook"
  3. You will be directed to Facebook to select one of your pages you want to add the Give Now app to
  4. Done. You Facebook page will show the app with the default setting you can then fine-tune (shown below)

 View a video to see this in action.


Start now

With Facebook pages and the ammado Giving app you have 2 easy tools to drive your online fundraising and Facebook donations. No cash outlay or technical expertise required. Select or register the Nonprofit you want to collect money for now or start your own fundraiser and promote it with the ammado Giving app on Facebook.

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