Drive Donations with Increased Branding and Custom Fundraising Tools

Ammado's "Donate" button sits prominently at the top of the profile pages of nonprofits and fundraisers and the "Start Fundraising" button invites users to fundraise for their favourite nonprofit. Both buttons can also be embedded on webpages outside of ammado simply by copying "embed-code" if users follow the "promote cause" link.

More Branding options with Cover image

The most visible branding element is a cover image for all profiles on ammado. This cover image will coexist with the profile image (typically a logo of a company or nonprofit). It is 960px wide and 250px high, giving enough space to put up one big background image or to combine images, logos and text to use the space for a very prominent message. With this design, the 200-character mission statement (short description) displaying just below the cover image will also be more eye-catching.


The IFRC's ammado profile with cover image, buttons and navigation


The cover image can be up to 5MB and will be overlaid by the profile image, the profile name and the donate button. When choosing a cover image bear in mind that the profile image and name will be visible on the left, so avoid placing important aspects of the cover image like text and images on the left where they will be hidden. Also choose a background for the profile image that's not too bright as the name text, which is white, would be hard to read.

You can use a different cover image for every fundraiser you set up. There are a number of design tools for cover images on the market, Canva and Fotor have worked well for me.

Get creative

The design optimizes the donation and online fundraising experience and hence drives online donations. So this is an opportunity for you to get creative and update your profile cover image. Just log in to your ammado profile and click on the grey default cover image to upload one.

If you have partners or supporters fundraising for you, they often like to see their brand or name highlighted in the cover image of their fundraiser also. Help them by providing them with an image or pointing them to this article.

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