Managing and promoting fundraisers

To manage your fundraiser, you need to log into your account. If you are setting up a fundraiser for the first time - and did not previously have an ammado account - you should have received an email to confirm your email address. It is important to click the link in this email before you can manage your fundraiser.

When you log into ammado, all of the fundraisers that you moderate are immediately displayed for you to access, manage and promote. Clicking each fundraiser will bring you to the customizable fundraising profile page. Personalising your fundraiser page with details of your challenge or campaign will encourage more donations. ammado also has several useful tools to help you achieve fundraising success!


1 Updating your Fundraising Page

Your fundraising page is completely under your control and contains lots of ways to share the stories of your adventure and get people excited about donating.


To change an image, click on the image icon in your cover image area. You can then select an image to display on your profile page, an image to display as a cover background and an avatar to represent your fundraiser in our donations widget.

To edit the fundraiser details, either click the Edit Fundraising button in your cover image area or the Edit action available in each section on your fundraising page. This will bring up the Settings page where you have options to change your beneficiaries, target amount, thank you message and so forth. From Settings you can also "stop" (and "restart") your fundraising effort.

2 Keeping track of donations 

When someone makes a donation to your fundraiser they will be sent an automatic email confirming the details of their donation. The donation is also instantly reflected on your fundraiser profile page. Each day, you will also receive an email telling you how many donations you received throughout that day. If you wish to view your donations in more detail, you can also access your online fundraising statement. 


  • Accessing your fundraising statement


Your fundraising statement is also accessible from your Donations menu.


  • Accessing comments

Comments made by your donors will be visible when you download your statement. 

Promoting your fundraiser - useful ammado tools

You can encourage donations to your fundraiser in all the usual ways like sharing the link to your fundraising page through Facebook, twitter and email. ammado also has some great fundraising tools to help you boost donations: Donate buttons for your email signature, a Facebook Giving Application and the ammado Giving Widget. All of these can be located on the promote page of your fundraiser. Simply click the “Promote Cause” button on your fundraising page. 


  • Donate buttons for your blog, website or email signature

Adding a donate button to your email signature is a great way of increasing donations and reminding people to donate. You have options of colour, language and size. 


  • Collecting donations on Facebook

Facilitate donations to your fundraiser on your Facebook page with ammado’s Facebook Giving App.


 ammado Giving App on Facebook

  • Collecting donations on other websites


ammado’s portable donation tool, the ammado Giving Widget, will enable you to collect donations on virtually any website, blog or intranet. You can choose different colour/size/ beneficiary options, save and then copy and paste the code generated to your website or blog. Perhaps you can convince your friends, employers or groups to do the same allowing people to donate to your fundraiser from all over the web! Your widget code for your fundraiser is found on the Promotion page of your fundraiser. Find out more on adding the widget.


ammado Giving Widget


Best of luck with your fundraising journey! will happily answer any queries you have

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