Donation Matching

It's difficult to believe, given the complexities of matching donations internationally that you could have a tailored and flexible program set up in under ten minutes. But that's exactly what we had in mind when we developed our donation matching technology.

Donation Matching

Believing that donating should be easy and accessible, ammado's technology enables your colleagues to give in over 80 currencies and multiple payment methods and languages. It facilitates huge choice, with 1.6 million nonprofits from 140 countries available. Despite this, the programs are easy to manage for administrators. 

Here, we take you through the steps involved in program set up and some of the queries we regularly get from companies.


How does my company set up a program?

ammado’s support team helps organisations to get their matching programs up and running. Set up really can be accomplished in 4 simple steps!


1. ammado will enable your company for donation matching

We’re assuming here that you have an ammado company profile to manage your giving. If not you can set one up here.


2. Set the parameters of your program

Companies can add a cap per program (e.g. $1 million), a limit per donation (e.g $1,000), and a limit per donor (e.g. $2,000 per year).

Employees will still be able to donate past these limits but a matching donation will not be generated for anything beyond the caps. For example, an employee might make a donation of $2,500… $500 over their personal limit. In this case the $2,000 will be matched but the additional $500 will not be.

You can also add a whitelist to your program, limiting the selection of nonprofits that your employees can choose to donate to via the program.


3. Decide on any program admins

You may have more than one employee managing your matching program. Selected admins can be given access to manage your programs on ammado.


4. Facilitate donations wherever makes most sense for your company

ammado’s technology enables you to facilitate donations outside of the ammado website through our portable donation tools. You can choose to facilitate donations via your Company Giving Page on ammado or on your website/blog/intranet through the ammado Giving Widget.

Donation Matching Infograph 

How easy is program management?

ammado cuts a huge amount of hassle in keeping track of donations. All donations made through your company matching program will be recorded in your company donation statement. This can be accessed online at anytime and exported for use with excel. Each donation made through the program will be listed with its associated match (provided the donation amount was within program limits).

At month end, program admins can review the list of matches and, once they are happy, match donations with a single click. An invoice will be sent to the company for the approved matches. Once paid, ammado will settle the donations to the nonprofits and they will be paid out in ammado’s next payment session.


How do employees know that donations are matched? What happens with receipts?


Donation Matching Icon 

A matching icon in the donation process signals to  employees that their donation is eligible for matching. If an employee donates beyond any of the  specified limits the portion of donation that can be matched will be matched.

ammado automatically sends a donation confirmation email with details of the donation to the donor once they have successfully complete  their donation. Donors can request an additional  receipt from the nonprofits. Such receipts can be outsourced to ammado, in which case ammado will  send the receipt on the nonprofits behalf.

When company match goes through, the donor is  sent an email informing them of this.

Get your international matching program started today – please contact us and we will be delighted to assist!  
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