New features in December 2014!

We added some further enhancements to our site and features in December 2014 - we hope you find them useful!

1. API updates

  • Our API is now capable of creating fundraisers with custom avatars and profile images.
  • Leaderboards on microsites now allow the Donate action to open a giving widget in place meaning no more redirects.
  • We now allow the API to submit a Gift Aid request along with a donation.
  • We now allow a donor to include a comment with their gift card donation through the API.
  • Finally, we now allow the API to define a cover image for new fundraisers. 

2. Fundraisers 

  • We added fundraiser progress bars in profile passports and in search results.
  • We improved the experience for guest users wanting to start their own fundraisers. 

3. Donation Gift Cards

  • We enhanced the experience of sending donation gift cards through ammado's email system.
  • We also updated the email designs for gift cards to be more easily readable and light.
  • Finally, we added a filtering system so owners will be able to view gift card books (both purchased and received) that have available cards in them, are about to expire (have less than 1 month to expiry date) or have expired. Owners can also search for "sent to’ email addresses and sort gift cards.  

4. Donations statements

  • We now cater for the XLS format of the donations statement for nonprofits alongside the CSV format. 

5. Donation Details 

  • We updated the design of the donation details pages - this page displays a record of each donation made along with a facility to request a receipt.

6. Library

  • We updated the library to allow uploading of graphic files - png, jpeg, gif and bmp.
  • This also means that nonprofits signing up can upload a graphic file for their registration documentation.

7. Custom buttons for your giving widget

  • We now facilitate using your own button for your giving widget - just contact to avail of this option.

8. Currencies

  • We removed the Lithuanian litas currency (LTL), as it is being replaced by the EURO as of 01 Jan 2015.


May we wish all our donors, nonprofits and companies continued success in your fundraising efforts for 2015.


The ammado team

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