Ammado offers companies "CSR in box"

More and more companies are now coming to the conclusion that it is not enough to concentrate on the company’s core business but that Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) must become an integral part of everyone’s business if we all want to live together on a healthy planet, in support of life, peace and stability. It's not just about profit anymore. The modern company's credo is People, Planet, Profit. You can be proud to be associated with such a company, be it as their employee, customer, contractor or other partner.


Your company has many options on how to shape its CSR program, which typically includes donations and volunteering. In ammado, we concentrate on the donation aspect, constantly utilizing the latest technologies to make the donation process more and more efficient for our charities.

Different Types of Programs

On ammado, your company has the opportunity to allow you to support any of 1.6 million nonprofits, which includes all US 501(c)(3) organizations and a large number of international organizations. Many companies will leave it at this and give you full choice to support YOUR favorite nonprofit (a vetted not-for-profit-organization) or a fundraiser.

An example of a fundraiser would be where your friend is running a marathon to raise funds for a nonprofit such as Save the Children. If you wish, you can set up your own fundraiser on ammado and suggest that your company promote it!

When you have full choice, you will see the Giving Widget ‘open’ and you can search and browse until you find your favorite organizations. You can also support multiple organizations at once - just add them one by one into your widget!

This is what the open Giving Widget typically looks like when it is open:  

open widget.png 

Some companies may decide to limit the choices of potential beneficiaries and they normally have good reasons for it. For example, only supporting a number of organizations may have a bigger measurable social impact, the mission of the nonprofits might be closer to the company’s mission, or the company wants to support local nonprofits in the community where it operates and so forth.

No doubt that your company will be happy to give you the reasons behind its choice if it hasn’t already done so. A Giving Widget pre-populated with one beneficiary might, for example, look like this (using a demo company ‘Ulysses Telecom’):


Why Participate?

Donating through your company environment often makes great sense and provides bigger impact for the benefiting nonprofits. Some companies match the donations of their employees, increasing the value of your donation incredibly; others match from time to time such as for special occasions or for urgent disaster relief. Some companies might incentivize or reward you with a donation voucher from time to time. Every company on ammado can publish articles so why not ask them to outline their CSR program there.


One thing you can be assured of: giving in conjunction with your colleagues and friends provides such a deep sense of shared purpose that it is highly rewarding for everyone – for you, your company, the nonprofit and of course those who ultimately benefit from your donation. It’s a true win-win situation.  

Last but not least: The Donation

Once you have decided to donate, you can do so in any of 78 currencies and through a vast number of payment methods. After all – you could be anywhere in the world and we want to make things as easy as possible for you!

We might share your details with the company for matching purposes. If you don’t want this, please choose the ‘anonymous’ option while making the donation and we’ll keep your details under wraps. Once you choose to donate anonymously, we will also not share your details with the benefitting nonprofit. But even if you decide to share your details with the nonprofit, in many jurisdictions around the world nonprofits are not allowed to follow up with you (apart from sending you a receipt) if you haven’t expressively allowed them to communicate with you. That’s why we ask you after the donation process if you wish to allow the nonprofit to stay in touch with you. They would very much appreciate it and you would stay updated about the great work your nonprofit is doing!

You will also see that we offer you the option to make your donation repeat automatically. We can’t stress enough how valuable repeat donations are for nonprofits. It makes your support more sustainable and gives them the ability to forecast and plan for the future. You can stop, delete or change your repeat donation at any time. So if you can afford it, please consider setting one up – the amount is deducted directly from your credit or debit card, so you have no further hassle with it.

And finally – rewarding you for your generosity, we provide you with your very own donation management tool, which you can find in your ‘Giving’ section on your personal ammado profile (if you sign up). From here, you have an overview of all your donations (very handy for the end-of-year tax return), you can easily manage your repeat donations and view your giving history, which is visually represented by your own interactive ammado Giving Circle.


We hope this article has given you a good overview of how participating in your company's giving program works on ammado. Should you have any questions, you can visit our blog for more useful articles, read more about us, or contact us directly.

Thank you, we are thrilled to change the world together with you!

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