New features in March 2015!

We added some further enhancements to our site and features in March 2015 - we hope you find them useful!


1. Search Bar 

The new search bar aims to making finding a nonprofit or fundraiser even easier. To make way for the search bar, we made some major changes:

  • We removed the top navigation bar 
  • We moved the  language selector into the footer
  • We updated the responsive behaviour of the top bar for large screens and gave it fixed positioning when scrolling down the page
  • We created a new page to display interim search results: top 3 (mobile view) or top 5 (desktop & tablet view) most relevant nonprofits and top 3 (mobile view) or top 5 (desktop & tablet view) most relevant fundraisers, in two separate sections


2. Updates to the Giving Widget

We now can provide a code snippet for a "custom" Donate button for Giving Widgets. The code snippet allows a Giving Widget to grow out from "any" button - although there is a maximum size restriction for the button. 

We also improved the experience when donating on the ammado site, whether the donation is made via a configured widget or straight to a beneficiary via a prepopulated widget. We now display the giving widget lightboxed and show the relevant profile page underneath the giving widget.

We further updated the content and style of the error and warning messages in the Giving Widget. We had issues with space on some messages so we needed to shorten these. We also had inconsistencies in some messages so text was required to be amended for these too. Also, the style of these warning and error messages is now updated in line with the styles used on the site.

Finally, we completed a task to allow individual ammado account holders to select and lock their configured Giving Widget to accept donations to only one beneficiary (nonprofit or fundraiser).


3. Spreadsheet donations

The spreadsheet is now updated to include an additional column that can specify a donor's language. With this information, a donation confirmation email can be sent to the donor in their own language.

We also now allow an upload that contains World Fundraisers AND the nonprofit within those world fundraisers that should solely receive the money. If a specific nonprofit is not included, then the current situation of the default nonprofit receiving the money should continue. 


4. Donation Gift Cards

Our gift card emails are now updated to be modern and responsive and offer more focused content that is easily readable and light.

We also created a second "dummy" donation gift card that can be used by anyone to try the donation gift card experience. The code is TRYA-5X34-KLM3. Like the existing dummy gift card, this card will '''not''' affect any statements and will '''not''' generate any activities or emails - it will simply be validated through the Giving Widget and display a sample Success panel.


5. Receipts 

We now include a link in receipt emails to a secure PDF format of a donation receipt. The PDF version is only available and accessible from ammado-issued donation receipts - a new line now displays in the ammado-issued receipt: You can also download a secure PDF version of this receipt at: [LINK].

The PDF displays in the same format as the HTML receipt -

  • Size of each page of the PDF document is A4
  • PDF contains any custom text, custom graphic and the actual receipt in a box - this can span a couple of pages depending on the amount of custom text
  • If the user's receipt contains multiple nonprofits, each receipt begins on a new page i.e, each page starts with "Donation Receipt [####]"  
  • The PDF is "secured" - the restrictions include not being able to change the document for example


6. Fundraisers

We added the fundraiser progress bars to activities (Latest Updates) for quick viewing of progress! 


7. Currencies

We removed the Lithuanian litas currency (LTL) from the ammado system, as it was replaced by the EURO as of 01 Jan 2015


8. API 

We extended the /fundraiser API endpoint to allow creating fundraisers with a predefined strapline. The requirement originated from clients that wanted to display custom default text in the Facebook share component. As the FB share component displays text from the shared pages' s metadata (strapline acts as the description of the fundraiser), we needed to extend the API functionality so that fundraisers profile pages contain this custom strapline as metadata.


9. Redesign

We updated the design of in a number of ways:

  • We added the link "Sign up" to the left of "Log in"
  • We updated the menu to remove "Sign Up" and "Log in" from it and add "Help Centre" and "About Us". The prominent Help Center link will provide a self-service option
  • The header area is now moved to full width
  • An important update was made to both the style and the links in the footer - updating the links removed non-essential items and now provides links to better and more useful content and locations. The colour updates (blue and black) tie in to a consistent colour scheme
  • We removed the top-level navigation bar so added an access point in the footer to find and view company profiles 


10. Company signups

We removed non-vital fields from the company signup form to make the account application process much easier.


We wish all our donors, nonprofits and companies continued success in your fundraising efforts for 2015.


The ammado team

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