What is the Fundraising Widget?

What is the Fundraising Widget?

The Fundraising Widget is our powerful new fundraiser creation tool designed to take online fundraising to the next level.

By placing the Fundraising Widget on a website - or linking to it on ammado.com - a potential fundraiser simply needs to complete some short details and their fundraiser is then immediately active and ready to receive donations. The widget can be locked to one nonprofit, offer a range of nonprofits or allow open search of ammado's 1.6 million nonprofits. Creating a fundraiser should take no longer than one minute to complete and is completely free to set up and use. 

The Fundraising Widget also offers the option of sponsorship - so each fundraiser created can automatically receive an initial donation to "kick-start it", which is a great way to encourage people to start fundraising and provides opportunities for companies to engage in CSR activities. 

If you require more information about the Fundraising Widget or want to see some screenshots of it, please read our Fundraising Widget Guide


How can I get the Fundraising Widget?

Click the button below to request your custom Fundraising Widget.

Please state in the email if you would like a specific nonprofit to be the sole beneficiary of any generated fundraisers or whether you would like the fundraiser to have a selected list of nonprofits to choose from. All nonprofits must have accounts with ammado.

Please also include a custom button to launch the widget from if you do not wish to use the ammado default "Start Fundraising" button.





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