Fundraising Widget Guide

How to use your Fundraising Widget

Ammado can provide anyone with an account on with a custom Fundraising Widget - simply request your widget by clicking the button at the bottom of this article and we will send you a section of code and a link to an address on ammado. The address on ammado can be used to access your fundraising widget without adding it to your website - for example,

The section of code we send to you can be added to any page on your website - essentially adding ammado's fundraising functionality to your own site. The code will launch the widget in an overlay over your page on desktop devices and display full screen on mobile devices (i.e. it is fully responsive). The code for the widget will look similar to the below example: 


How to create a fundraiser using the Fundraising Widget

1. Once you receive the code and add it to a page on your website, the Fundraising Widget will be active and available for any potential fundraiser to select. The widget will launch from a standard button that we provide that displays the text "Start Fundraising" on a blue background. However, if you send us an image with your request, we can include this instead as the launch button for the widget - as shown in the example below. We accept any size and most graphic formats for your custom button. 


                a) A sample Fundraising Widget is displayed on a website page above


2. Once your web page is published, any visitor can click the Start Fundraising button to display the Fundraising Widget. A nonprofit search facility is offered initially to select one or many nonprofits for the fundraiser. If you have requested a single nonprofit to be the default beneficiary, a form will display immediately for the visitor as shown below.


               b) A sample fundraiser form generated by the Fundraising Widget


3. Once the visitor completes the details of their fundraiser and enters their email address, the fundraiser is immediately active. On the success page, the person is offered sharing options (on Facebook, Twitter or email) as well as a link to view their newly created fundraiser on 


When a fundraiser is created, the owner of the Fundraising Widget is automatically made the moderator - essentially, this means you have full rights to edit the fundraiser should you wish (and even delete it). An email is sent to the person who completed the form inviting them to co-moderate this fundraiser. 


Sponsored Fundraisers

A special feature of our Fundraising Widget is that it allows fundraisers to be created with an immediate first donation by a sponsor. This may be a corporation or business that is interested in helping a particular cause that you are championing. When the Fundraising Widget is configured with a sponsor, it displays the sponsor prominently as well as the amount that the sponsor is willing to donate for each new fundraiser - as shown below.


If this feature is of interest to you, please let us know when you request the fundraising widget (by clicking the button at the end of this article).


What do I do next? 

The Fundraising Widget is entirely free so all you need to do is click below to request your Fundraising Widget code and link. Please add your custom button to this request as an attachment. 





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